Monday, February 19, 2007

Enemies of the ordinary

"Radical idea is not a bad idea"

Enemies of the ordinary
(My interpretation)

Eccentric is the word that people have (are/will) always used to describe me. The word eccentric (in case you've never heard of it) is often associated with genius, giftedness, extreme creativity or display of dismissible (common) lunacy. "There has always been a method to my madness". My eccentric behaviour is perceived by many to be the outward expression of my unique intelligence or creative impulse. My eccentric attributes are incomprehensible as some would agree not because they are illogical or the result of madness, but because they stem from a mind so original that it cannot be conformed to societal norms. For crying out loud, "I am not mad!"

When faced with life issues, be it at home, work or play I seek special methods and tools to go about them. I never hesitate to ask questions (as many as necessary). I try to restate problems sometimes by changing the wordings take different viewpoints and try it in graphical forms (I am primarily a graphic artist). Transforming one issue into another by the describing the problem to both laymen and experts in the field often helps to get new insights. By explaining it to others I get to hear myself and see the loopholes. I never try to learn all the details before deciding on a first approach. I keep the tools unlocked, I work quickly, whenever, wherever. Failure is not a fear, if I can't make it better, I make it worse and analyze what happens. I turn to Mother Nature (the originator of serendipity) for assistance. I meditate out in/under a tree or in an open field, play with combinations of ideas and concepts. I keep my eyes open and my imaginations turned on. For me nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one I have. The first solution found is usually inadequate. I initiate brainstorming sessions, mostly informal, where participants are encouraged to suggest any idea that comes to mind. I am particularly stubborn about solving a problem. I sometimes spend time trying things I know won't work or don't know how they will work. I value experimentation, play, exaggeration and persistence. I am flexible about problem definition and problem solution. "Wow! Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me?"
Many individuals manifest eccentricity consciouslyand deliberately in attempting to differentiate themselves from societal norms or enhance a sense of inimitable identity: given the overwhelming possible\nstereotypes often associated with eccentricity. Using the above, "judge for yourself, am I truly eccentric…?"
Whether you think I pass as eccentric or not, one thing as certain I'm an "enemy of the ordinary" because my habits make me achieve unique (extraordinary) results. You just have to be like me to cope with me otherwiseyou would tag me "crazy". Cope with me (be like me) if you can otherwise, lay off. "The world cannot contain too many of us". Mind you "I'll be 28 mynext birthday" (11th June). ",



At 7:12 PM , Blogger empower yourself said...

i like you definition of enemies of the ordinaire ....i only may not agree that you are not :mad:

i like the piece
oluyemi adeosun

At 6:21 PM , Blogger Joy said...

i seriously think u r "crasy",well in a good way and i really admire your outstanding way of writing, i write if you must know and i would really love to write like you someday.....kip up the good work,ciao


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