Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tips and Tricks

Gbàmí gbàmí ò yẹ àgbàlagbà, Ewúré nle mí ò yẹ ọdẹ

This is a yoruba (the language of one of the tribes in nigeria) adage which means... screems for help is not too befitting for an adult and i'm being chased by a goat not too befitting for a hunter.

I'm posting this today for two reasons

1. To let you know that you do not have to wait until you will need to tell that unbefitting tale, the kind of tale that make people say stuff like "what were you too looking at... you should have...."

2. I wan't to let you know that writing yoruba precisely as it should be in you blog is possible and below are some tips and how to get it done.

  • Type it in microsoft word and thereafter copy it to your post
  • For special symbols, click insert, click symbols, pick the one that most siuts you then click insert, finally click close.
  • It could be strainous and time consuming doing it over and over, please endure... good things take a while.
On a final note, always remember... impossible is nothing, nothing is impossible



At 3:51 PM , Anonymous bishopkamal said...

I dont know when you became a yoruba tutor. I read the post with a deep feeling of nostalgia (am fast forgetting my mother tongue, especially the proverbs).
Biola, I'd like to tell you that Olorunkole Grammar school is looking for a Yoruba Teacher, please dont hesitate to volunteer.


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