Friday, January 12, 2007

Comment on Deolu's "Are your eyes on the future"

Hi all,

I was at today and I had this to say as regards his post titled are you eyes onm the future. I just thought i should post it to for those who could also gain from it from here.

I was telling a friend a while ago about our grandmother (maternal). She was given a phone by our uncle in London and I bought her a Glo line. Lucky for her it's a flip Phone so I set it in such a way that she only has to open it to pick her call and this I explained to her as best I could.
Funny though, she rushes down to open it even when it rings for text messages, she has to call someone around when she needs to make a call, it could however be difficult if the name of the person she want to call does not correspond with the name she is metioning even though i tried to store all the names on her phonebook the way she is familiar with them. She has over 30 free text messages on her phone per month and she does not use them cos she does not know how. She relies on trusted people to load her credit for her and tell her how much is left there. She hardly ever lives her phone lying around from the day she realized that anyone can pick it up and use all her money. I can't lock the phone cos how do I explain opening it to her. Just recently I tried teaching her to use the speakers cos she begining to lose her hearing and believe me...that was work.
My point is this the world for her has changed and she can only try and cope. A lot of people though they are youths who are supposed to know about what is currnet and happening are still a lot like her today, they do not even have email addresses, they cannot tell the difference between mp3 and mp4, dvd and vcd. they cannot convinently operate a five disk changer sound player/recorder. they are amazed at the sight of a remote control.
These things are petty things compared to what will be operating in the world by the time we become grandparents too and our grandchildren will say press this button if you want the car to fly.
We cannot afford to be too backward now otherwise we could be overbackward then. Let us constanly embrace the future with open arms.
Deolu, I'm asking a question now in my head and at the same time bidding all to do same... How flat is my world?

NB: I'll explain what I mean by how flat is your world shortly


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