Monday, December 18, 2006

Plugged or Unplugged

Hi All,

If there is anybody here who has not seen the film "MATRIX" let he/she try and do so in order to better understand this.
We live in a world that has a system, the system allows for a lot of vanities, It simply throws what we do not need at us cheaply and the very things wr truly want/need it deprives us. For example, it is so easy to get a prostitute for a one night stand, yet so difficult to get wife. It is easy to play or set up a playing atmosphere but so difficult to get a job that will fetch a living.
But come to think of it the principle does nto apply to all, while some cannot get a job, some others change jobs like clothes and are offered more that they have to refuse, while some cannot afford a meal a day some though cannot also afford to eat are being offered the food free of charge. And it is the same God the made us all....hmm.
These "supermen" do not have to heads some were born in poorer states the those who now suffer while they enjoy. For instance I have heard people say, I can't get a job because I did not go to school and I did not go to school because ny parents are poor. I have also heard people say that the reason why I have not made it beyond this point is because my parents are rich and they pampered me so I did not learn to fight for what I want while growing up. Is this not funny?
Let me tell you about the "supermen". The supermen like Neo, Murpheous and Trinity, are men who have simply been reoriented and have gotten a knowledge that the world system only applies to those who believe in it. They have come to an undertstanding that they can change the rules by changing their thinking, belief, choices and their general approach to life to one that will simply not settle for less. To one that sees No Limits. They no longer live by the general order. The general system does not apply to them anymore because the moment they had this changed mindset, its like for them they run on a different program, they write what becomes of them by themselves. If the world was a MATRIX (a program written to decieve us so that we will not be true to who we are or should be), they have been unplugged, their eyes have been opened, they know the truth, the truth has set them free, free to fly.

What is the truth?
We are children of God, Our playing small does not serve the world.
There is potential on the inside of each and everyone of us.
This knowledge liberates us and and as we set ourselves free we unconsciously spread it to others around us.

Knowing the truth and living it is what finally set us free (Unplugs us) and as such we are no longer confined to a box, we no longer have limits or fears, and agents in this world cannot stop them.
Please get unplugged now.
This is supposed to start an unplugging process in you, if you remain in the Matrix, it is your choice for which you would have no excuse(s)



At 6:00 PM , Anonymous Bimbo said...

in read your article (plugged or unplugged and i think that was really deep. NIce thoughts.

At 8:44 AM , Blogger said...

thanks bimbo, are you a blogger too?

At 3:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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