Saturday, January 06, 2007



He stood before them to give a talk, to motivate them, to encourage them. He gave a brilliant speach after which there was a loud applause. After the show they were interviewed for comments and they said stuff like "He is very brilliant" "He is well informed" "He is a great man" "He is..." They went on and on.
Let's stop and ponder, he was not born this way, he does not have too heads or anything that makes him physically superior. He is only a product of the choices he made to: Read the books he read, relate with the people he relates with, acquire the knowledge he has, etc.
This means in essence that if I make the right choices today, it could be me up that stage tomorrow recieving the applause and having people say nice things about me. Hmm...

Nb: This was called from the comment i made on Oritsega's blog


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