Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Free to fly

A lot of us have somehow signed up to certain things unknowingly that continually guarantees our lack of limitations. We are just not away that we are "free to fly". When this topic first came to my mind it came with the picture of a bird in a cage, this bird has stay in the cage so long, tried to get out for so long and now has gotten used to the fact that it is confined to a defined radius and a very small one too. If the cage is opened and the bird is left free to fly, it doesn't know without a push. I hope you are feeling me.

There are certain things you have, that has guaranteed you wings and has also increased your radius thereby making you "free to fly". Lets get to them

God on your side: This is one ultimate thing that a person can have. If the creator of the universe is your friend then the secrets of the universe, how it will work and what part you should play, what path you should take are not far away from you. You only need to Listen and Hear him as He desires to share these secretes with you.

A network of influence: Friends who matter in the world. A mentor to guide you. A physical representation of God and his Grace

An attitude of thanksgiving: If you have the heart that a appreciates, things are done are will continue to be done for you. You will never have to worry,You will always be happy, There will always be a bright side for you to see and utilize, you'll most likely be the only one seeing it and then that singles you out in this competitive world.

A Talent, A skill, a GIFT: The gift of a man will make way for him. That skill you have has a better tendency of putting you in a fulfilling career and life far better than the education you have. However like I've said If you education fall in line with your natural God-given skill, you have a two-hit combo.

with these and a few more, we do not have any excuse not to make it, not to fly without limitations. If you are lacking in one log-on now, cos you will not be able to blame anybody from today for not soaring with eagles, for not being on top, ahead, above in e very area, facet of life.

YOU ARE FREE TO FLY. You have all it takes... so no more excuses.

Final note: "Aspire for a level beyond success...SIGNIFICANCE" Meet a need instead of seeking to gain and see how much you will gain in the process.



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