Monday, November 06, 2006

No Excuses?

I am wondering what would be the ideal first thing to talk about and something tells me that now that you are here you may probably be asking yourself what I mean by no excuses. I leave in a world that I believe is run by a God majorly. This God gave us abilities that makes us able in everyway. We have capacity to make/create. If we can only believe then there is no such thing as impossible for us, me, you. Even if I do not believe in God the Laws of the universe guarantee this fact. There is therefore no such thing as impossible. In reality impossibility will be another possibility if we choose to allow it. Many have used the word in times past and now in the present world have been proven wrong. Some have lived to see what they claimed could not be done, other we can tell the tale to their children, that is if it wasn’t their children that proved them wrong. If my belief is responsible for what is and what is not, what is alive and what is dead. Then “alive or dead it is in my hands”. I personally believe now that “I will make it” If I don’t, “It will be my fault” end of story. I cannot claim ignorance, because if I really wanted to know the way, I would have sought like I did I would have found. You, by reading this have also found like me. Someday you would be inclined to share this simple truth with someone else who is willing to learn it. If we are not willing to learn, whose fault? Know the truth now… that a right mindset makes thing happen. If you don’t know it’s because you are not ready to know. Truly “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” ignorance therefore is not an excuse. Should this be the case, then, what is my excuse? If I gave excuses for what I could have done something about so easily would you not call me stupid or worse? Put yourself in my shoes right now and believe when I say we have no reason to make excuses, no basis for that anymore and as such form this day forward there should be no more excuses.


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