Monday, November 20, 2006

Gratitude: Thank You

In showing Gratitude we are showing appreciation for a good deed or act of kindness shown to us. What then if no good deed is done to us? Does this mean that life can be so cruel to a person that he will not have any reason to be grateful either to God or to his fellow men?

"Life can give us blows about by the wings of change and chance"

It is rightly said that sincere gratitude makes the "giver or doer" to want to "give more" or "do more" This makes gratitude key to getting.

Correct me if i'm wrong but I believe if we will be grateful in hard times they will not last long and though they last because we chose to look at the bright side and we are grateful for how things are, we can begin to make the best of it.

Life is too good not to be thankful, in doing so we command blessings. We may never know all the steps but we must learn to join the dance.
Look at the sanguine and learn from him, though he is not a principled person and is very good at disappointing appointments, he takes life easy and is always high in spirit. Little wonder he does not attend classes yet somehow he passes, though he disappoint many he is still loved by the majorinty. He is given preference over most others because of his very jovial and ever happy spirit. He feels sad but he quickly looks at reasons to be happy and he makes the needed switch, sees thigns from the bright side, appreciates that all hope is not lost and within minutes of tragedy his bubbling again. Just like he looks as it things just somehow work out for him.

Look on the bright side and smile, show some gratitude for little as well as big things of life and you will be surprised at how much is still in stock

Thank you for reading this please call again


At 6:49 PM , Blogger ODODO said...

Yes o! There's another dimension to gratitude as well, it positions the mind to see possibilities, therefore making our goals easily achievable.

It's an easy way to surmount an overwhelming situation because the higher forces of heaven are moved on one's behalf.

Maintain the attitude of gratitude!


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